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In most cases Rounddwell will prepare the plans and get all necessary permits with the planning and building departments in your behalf. Ordering your Rounddwell is an easy process because the eight essential steel structure parts that make Rounddwell are already designed, engineered, city approved and ready to be transported to your property.   All you need is land (and love).  About two months before your Rounddwell enters production you will be introduced to your Rounddwell Personal Coordinator (RPC).

Once your lot and the foundation are approved by the City, the Rounddwell as you see it on these images below, will be transported and constructed within a month.  During the building period you, your family, your Rounddwell Personal Coordinator and our designers and architects will plan some basic details such as the best use of your vistas, having a potential of 180 degrees of view.   Also how many and what kind of rooms, kitchens, baths, guests, life style and all your wants and desires will be reflected on a floor plan for your careful viewing and approval.

In our Design Center partner Palm Springs Showrooms, stores, modernism shops, professionals and art galleries will work with you to create your perfect modern home, built around you.


When you place your order, you’ll have the option of providing a preferred date of delivery.  This date is defaulted to the earliest possible date and can be moved up to six.months.  This flexibility is useful when aligning the delivery of your Rounddwell with the move from your current residence.  About two months before your Rounddwell enters production you will be introduced to your personal coordinator.

Your current estimated delivery date can be found in My Rounddwell, and the date will change several times.  It is difficult to accurately estimate delivery dates prior to city approval time periods, and logistics.  Your Rounddwell Personal Coordinator will confirm your move in date once the final city approval is issued and you can move in.


VIP Lounge members, look on your Rounddwell Newsletter for the next monthly event location somewhere in Palm Springs.