Sponsorship opportunities are being extended to local stores, designers, galleries and artists to participate by showcasing their products and services in the model home in Palm Springs. The model will attract thousands of viewers sent from our booth at the Modernism Show and Sale at the Palm Springs Convention Center in addition to the walk-thru tours, and private parties and shows 2017.

RoundDwell homes have contemporary interiors, an efficient design and a convenient environment of “State-of-the-Art” products and appliances.  This is an architectural development without compromise, advancing mid-century modern design and elevating green construction to new heights. The dwelling is constructed on-site without any wood. It is made out of steel, glass and concrete, using half the materials, half the labor, taking half the time while being twice the quality, durability and dependability of conventional residential construction… for half the price!

RoundDwell homes have 6,355 SF of open space that can be tailored to individual personal needs, as well as smart-home technology, 24hr solar power and many other innovative amenities. The unique RoundDwell design has an expansive multi-use rooftop terrace to support more than 120 people for fantastic views and enviable access to outdoor recreation in Palm Springs.  Make your way back HOME to the future.

A quality lifestyle development for discerning and environmentally responsible homeowners.

For consideration, please fill out your information below. Or, email us your information at mod@rounddwell.com