RoundDwell’s metal building system represents a new era in modern architecture.  Aligning eight of the pre-engineered steel frames in a circular pattern into the concrete foundation, makes building the round single family residence possible.  Construction requires no wood.  Steel columns, and curved beams shape the home, with an outer perimeter of 10′ tall curved-glass sliders  Fashioned concrete on the exterior, insulation, and smooth finished mid-century smooth-finished concrete, on the interior side of each panel.  No paint ever required, but optional, so are marble, redwood, and mirror. over the interior concrete finish.  All three elements, steel, concrete and glass are engineered to work in concert resisting heat, wind and rain to conserve the internal energy. RoundDwell‘s construction requires no wood, also takes less parts, and materials.  When you combined these attributes with transparent practices in construction costs, you can see sustainability, beauty and big savings.