A greener way to build

Modern 1950’s design built out of steel concrete, and glass.  No wood used. 2020’s technology, and sustainable.

A healthier way to live.

Enjoy the benefits of technology managing your entire premises from water to surveillance.


 Floor plans are designed around you and your family, and built to meet local codes with the continued support of our designers, architects, and engineers.

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RoundDwell’s steel frame building system represents a new era in modern architecture. Aligning eight of these frames in a circular pattern makes the round dwell possible. arrow35



Measuring 80′ in diameter, RoundDwell‘s steel structure can be built in three weeks on a city approved foundation, in Palm Springs or other California city. arrow35



Create and decorate with PS modernism stores, the Design District shops and art galleries.


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Design Center

Here you can access our designers, architects, builders, as well as Palm Springs design zone decorators, shops, and art galleries to create your perfect modernistic home, built around you. arrow35


Lots for Sale

If you are thinking of building in the Palm Springs area, we have lots for sale by our agents. RoundDwell Partner Agent is a licensed real estate professional who is interested in showing Palm Springs Valley listings to interested people looking for a parcel of land to build a new RounDwell residence. arrow35



Our RoundDwell family is committed to a long term relationship based on our services to you. You have our direct support 24/7 online with ordering, delivery dates, pre and post ownership information. arrow35

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